Be part of the REVOLUTION! Think transparency radically new with us and make world trade a bit fairer. Because it's possible nowadays. And because it should be the standard.


... you could enjoy Kenya's finest coffees while finding out for yourself who earned how much with each package.


... everyone in the value chain would have a voice and could tell you about their contribtution to your cup of coffee.


... you could send coffee producers in Kenya a tip for their good work.


... you could find out for each package of coffee exactly when and where the beans were harvested, cleaned, roasted and transported.

May we introduce?

Fantastic fair-chain coffee combined with radical transparency.

We not only pay our farmers good prices, but additionally support the local economy through roasting and packaging on site.

And best of all: everyone in the supply chain can reliably record this information themselves, easily traceable for you. For every single package.

What's waiting for you

Finest Kenyan highland coffee

With its volcanic soils, Kenya is known for the finest tastes

Roasted and packaged in Nairobi

We work with the best roasters in Kenya

Radical transparency

Finally a voice for producers: thanks to the latest technology and digital identities

Loyalty points or tips

For each pack, decide whether you want to collect your loyalty point for the next purchase or pass it on

1. Scan the code

Each pack has a unique code that allows you to follow in the footsteps of your Inside Coffee.

2. Get to know the producers

Discover what is normally hidden, for example who roasted your coffee and how much she earns with each package.

3. Send a tip

For every package you get a loyalty point worth 50 cents. Decide for yourself whether you want to use it as a discount for your next order or send it to the farmer as a tip.

About Inside Coffee

Inside Coffee is a collective of coffee enthusiasts from Nairobi & Berlin.

Why do we do what we do?

We believe that radical transparency is an important step towards a fairer world trade. And what could be more obvious than getting the information from the producers themselves?

What our customers say

"Ich bin echt mega zufrieden! Der Kaffee ist stark und intensiv, aber nicht "anstrengend". Von dem Kaffee, den ich normalerweise trinke, geht nur eine Tasse. Nach zwei Tassen Inside Coffee fühle ich mich immer noch super."

"Ich finde das Produkt toll. Habe mit den Kindern zusammen den Weg des Kaffees auf dem Globus nachverfolgt. Auch die Transparenz über Kosten und Mühen finde ich super. Den Kaffee finde ich auch gut, ich muss aber noch ein bisschen mit Menge und Mahlgrad experimentieren."

"Hallo Team! Habe letzte Woche den ersten Kaffee von Euch bekommen - zubereitet via AeroPress finde ich ihn ganz großartig. Werde Euch weiterempfehlen und freu mich auf jede einzelne Tasse."