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Inside Coffee is the finest Arabica coffee from Kenya, which we carefully select and roast. But that's not all! Every pack of Inside Coffee also has a digital twin, through which you can track the path of the coffee. How it works? We explain it to you!

How exactly does the tracing work?


Farmers, roasters and others involved in the production process use an app we developed. With this app, they create digital twins for the coffee they harvest, process and roast, sending these siblings on the same journey that the real coffee takes. 

For example, our farmer Irene records in the app when she harvested the coffee, creating a coffee twin for the total amount of coffee she sells us. She also records that she has given the coffee to the Mill in Thika. Andrew from the Mill then receives a message in the app. He confirms that he has indeed received the coffee once it arrives at the Mill. 

But not only the transfer, also the processing of the coffee is recorded in the app. For example, the roastery uses another function to register the roasting and packaging of the coffee. In the process, our partners at African Coffee Roasters create a separate digital twin for each pack filled, which stores, among other things, the exact roasting date and type of roasting for the individual pack, while also containing the entire history of previous transactions. 

In the same way, the all payments and their receipts are recorded: When we have made the payment to African Coffee Roasters for roasting our coffee, we record this in the app. In doing so, we specify precisely which packs, i.e. which digital twins, our payment relates to. African Coffee Roasters can confirm the payment as soon as they receive it. 

We provide you with the information collected in this way in the simplest way imaginable: via a unique code on your coffee pack!

Why can you trust this technology?

How can you be sure that the sharing, processing, and payment information we show on our tracing page actually comes from the producers? Sorry, now it gets a little bit nerdy: To make sure that not a single party can provide all the information, our technology works with digital identities. Specifically, this means that the actions in our app must always be signed with an individual key. This key is firmly bound to the device of the respective person. In addition, all transactions must be mutually confirmed. All information provided is stored - publicly accessible and unchangeable - on the Ethereum Blockchain using a so-called Smart Contract

The green checkmark on our tracing page tells you that a transaction has been confirmed with our app. Clicking on "View Data" will take you to the corresponding transaction on the Ethereum Blockchain. With the help of a blockchain explorer, you can view the information in detail. 

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